NEW RULES FOR INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS IN CHINA The Ministry of Education has chosen to raise the necessary capability for International students looking for undergraduate programs in China.
From 2021, under the new standards, International students who are by birth remote residents but have at least one Chinese parent have to hold a valid overseas passport for 4 years or more than that along with having a record of living overseas for minimum of 2 years and one of their parent is a Chinese citizen and that they both were born overseas. If they meet this condition only then they are eligible to apply for admission in the Chinese university as an International student.
Students who have obtained foreign nationality through displacement should hold substantial foreign international IDs or nationality authentications other than having lived in an outside nation for at least two years in the previous four years. As of now, some parents prefer beginning a family in the wake of immigrating to a remote nation with the goal that their youngsters can secure an outside nationality and afterward advantage from China’s approach towards international students looking for confirmation in local colleges.
Many foreign nationals in this way live with their Chinese guardians in China and get necessary local training before sailing into famous domestic universities just by righteousness of their foreign nationality. This absence of decency in school affirmation has provoked the public criticism. The entire thing goes against the first goal of the international student policy, which was to attract more foreign talent, advance social trades and improve the quality of education in residential colleges.
During the current year’s two meetings in May, member of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference Yu Minhong, had presented a proposition for controlling international student’s affirmation strategy. Following quite a few years, China has become the greatest goal for Asian students. The country’s foreign student policy is step by step being transformed from that of attracting foreign students in China to attracting more qualified foreign talents who will help improve Chinese universities’ quality and impact.


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